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A site featuring real girls who were really fucked by me! I quit my job, wanting a different lifestyle, and started using the video cam I got as a present to film chicks I meet in the streets. It's amazing how many girls are actually ready to get fucked by a total stranger!


Car public upskirt

My buddy and I were on the prowl again looking for cute chicks to film some outdoor public sex videos with when we stumbled upon this sexy thing walking down the road. We pulled over, I asked her if she’d like to make a quick and easy buck, she agreed, and you can see what happened next in this super hot public fucking gallery!

pickup teen girl

When this cute, young girl was asked if she’d like to suck my dick outdoor, she wasted no time saying yes! She agreed that fucking in public is extremely hot and they really loved every minute of it. This ridiculously good looking blonde proved that she truly does love giving public blowjobs.
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Outdoor public fucking on motorcycle

We asked this hottie if she’d like to have a public orgy with us, and she agreed to it under one condition: it had to be on my buddy’s motorcycle! Apparently motorcycles turn her on like crazy, and this public fucking gallery definitely proves that, huh? She loved fucking and sucking my buddy and I off in this great outdoor public sex scene.
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Talked into fucking in public

My friend’s great at talking people into anything. He’s especially great at talking innocent girls into having sex in public places. It only took him a few minutes to convince such pickup girls that fucking in public is outrageously hot and that she’d love it. She got curious, agreed to try it,
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Public sex on a bike

Let me explain something about this outdoor public sex gallery. Some girls seem to just love a guy with a motorcycle, and this girl was one of them! When she saw my bike she was turned-on immediately and was totally down for some public fucking… as long as it was on my motorcycle. She didn’t affraid public nudity and she loved public sex right on my bike.
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girl to pick up

This is one of the hottest outdoor fucking galleries I’ve ever seen! These two smooth-talkin guys somehow convince this incredibly sexy girl to have a sex in public places. One minute she’s innocently waiting for the bus, and the next minute she’s on the side of the road fucking in public while it’s being caught on cam.
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pickup girl

When my buddy saw this gorgeous blonde walking alone in the park, he dremt right away he wanted to fuck the shit out of her in an outdoor to have a public blowjob. When he first approached her and asked her to have a public sex, she immediately said no and kept walking.
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Public blowjobs from snobby girls

When my buddy spotted this incredibly pickup girl walking down the street he knew he had to at least try to get her to have a sex in public with him. To his complete amazement it didn’t take much! Apparently she was some spoiled rich girl who wanted to try something naughty for once.
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Public blowjobs for these guys

This innocent young girl was actually waiting for her mom to pick her up when we approached her and offered her a few bucks to sex in public places. Maybe it was an act of rebellion on her part, but she agreed to do it and the public orgy that ensued was wild. She seemed to absolutely love public fucking!
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Outdoor public sex with hot blonde

My friend saw this cute blonde sitting alone on a park bench and within minutes had talked her into shooting this crazy outdoor public sex scene! It turns out she was pissed off at her boyfriend and probably only agreed to fucking in public to get some sort of revenge.
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